Feeling and Seeing Exactly What Happened

Not only did Ted feel the changes after he shifted in the Great Shift, but he could see them in a full mirror! He was now a busty pale brunette hottie, being fucked by some strange muscular man! The changes in body were enough, but suddenly having sex in that body, was all too much at once! Ted’s new face had the look of panic in it, and he could even see that in the mirror.

Once the man had an orgasm, Ted could feel his hot seed go up into his vagina, filling him up with the substance he once produced himself! He was on the other end of the sex now, the receiving end! Ted’s orgasm came also, and it was for all intents and purposes, totally different, but wonderful feeling despite his new change. The man let him go, as he moaned a bit and calmed down.

“Oh Jen, that was the best sex we’ve ever had. I hope this time you finally get pregnant. I know we’ve been trying for awhile now. If it doesn’t work this time, we may have to see doctors to see what’s wrong. We’ve been married five years, I thought it was time to have some kids, but it’s not working as of yet. Take the pregnancy test later and let me know, ok dear”, said the man.

Ted, now Jen apparently, need some answers, as to why he was suddenly in this woman’s body, a frickin’ married woman of all things, and one that just got fucked and filled by her man! As his “hubby” left the room, the new Jen, looked at her body in the mirror, and grabbed her boobs. They felt wonderful, but strange. So sensitive, so soft and supple. His hair felt wonderful also, long and silky, Ted had grown his hair out in high school, but it was never like this, and he cut it later in college. He didn’t think his face was too bad either, and the makeup he had on made it even better. The pussy though, as he reached for it noticing his small delicate hands, was super sensitive. He grabbed at his new clit, the female counterpart to his penis he supposed, and almost had another orgasm, as it was super sensitive! He then seen how small his arms were, and even flexing, he didn’t show biceps much. He knew any heavy lifting would be out of the question, unless he worked out or had his hubby do it. Looking down his hips, and thighs were huge, but shapely along with the rest of his legs, and his new feet dainty with painted nails. He was a size 14 in men’s before, now, his feet were so small, he was probably the smallest women’s size. His whole body was soft and smooth, and hair free except his eyebrows, and the hair on his head. Even his pussy and pubes were clean shaven.

The TV nearby confirmed that there was in fact a Great Shift, a local one only, and not everyone was shifted, which explained why his new hubby seemed unaffected as he was still himself. Ted didn’t know what to do, but as the news said, unless there was another shift, he was probably stuck like this for good. Even if there were another shift, there would be no guarantee he would even shift or if he did, what body he would get. So it sank in that it could be much worse. He could have ended up a fat old man, or an old granny, or some baby someplace having to grow up all over again. He realized he was much younger, and he was pretty. As a man, he was ok looking, but nothing handsome at all, not as much as his new husband was, or was that his body’s feelings telling him that his husband looked handsome? Who knows, but Ted decided to not try to contact his former body, and let things as they are. He would try to pretend to be un-shifted, and see if he could in fact live a good life with his new body. Some men would freak being in his new life, but not him, he was started to like it, though gradually.

A week later he took the pregnancy test, and it came up negative, so they both went to the doctor. It turns out, his hubby, Lee, was shooting blanks. They had the option of adopting, or finding a sperm donor. They could also just remained without kids. The new Jen decided to hold off on the kids, until she got used to her new life and bod. Lee had a bit of a hard time waited to have kids, but Jen told him it was because he couldn’t be the father was the reason she was holding off.

A year later, they adopted, a 13 year old girl from Australia. Her name was Liza, and she took well to them both. Lee never suspected Jen had been shifted into by someone else, but he was a bit puzzled as some of the things Jen liked and disliked had changed over the last year, compared to the last five years they were married, and the two they dated before that. He blew it off as her getting older and changing.

The thing is, the Great Shift came again, but this time, Jen was un-shifted, but her husband Lee was shifted! He didn’t go far, however, ending up in the body of their adopted daughter Liza! He was now a teen Aussie girl! Liza ended up in a stripper’s body down the street, and one of Ted’s high school buddies, Larry, ended up in the body of his husband! This is when they put all their cards on the table, and then Jen’s hubby learned she was not Jen, but Ted from down the street, and he told her he was the one in Liza’s body now. Larry told Ted right away he was in this guy’s body, the one of his husbands.

They all took too the changes rather well, but Lee had the hardest time, since he was not only female now, he was a kid again, and would have to go through school. Also, for some reason, he couldn’t shake his new accent either, despite him being the one in control of Liza’s body now. For some reason he couldn’t access the part of her brain to speak like he normally did. Strange, but sometimes it happens in the Great Shift. So he had to get used to being teased at school for sounding and being Australian. One kid even hopped around her like a kangaroo everyday before one of her classes, so one day she shoved him into her locker! She might be a girl now, but she still thought a lot like Lee, who was a tough guy!

Liza as a stripper, had to adjust to having 32H boobs, and being much taller and bigger. This woman had a large and curvy frame, and was nearly 6′ tall without her stripper heels on even! She seen herself kind of like an Amazon woman, but with giant boobs. She adjusted eventually, as she was still a female, and she found she could make a ton of money and didn’t have to go to school now. She only did stage work however, and never did the back stage things the former person in this stripper’s body did.

As for Larry, he adjusted well, as he was overweight and out of shape before, and now was this muscle guy. He found out he was sterile though, but that didn’t stop him from having some hot sex with his former high school buddy in the body of the sexy smokin’ new Jen! Jen didn’t mind as she liked Larry’s personality and his body was rockin’ of course! They all never seen a shift again, and lived their lives in happiness eventually, as it seemed the shift turned out for the better for them, they were all much happier in their new lives than their old.


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