How did that happen?

This morning, someone came to our flat, telling us there would be a water shortage that would last a few weeks, affecting our wing of the building.
He also specified that we had to do everything we could to save water. Jokingly, we told him “Looks like we’re going to take showers together now! Ahah”. He smirked and replied “Well, that’s a good idea… Have a nice day, gentlemen.”, before leaving.
Not knowing what he meant, we just went back to our own business. When the night came, we tried to avoid each other as much as we could. Something weird was going on, but we weren’t sure what.
Eventually, we found ourselves both in the shower. Trust me, we had no idea how this happened but we just ran the water and did as if it was all normal.
With the water running, I felt my skin getting softer, and I noticed my flatmate was getting taller, or was I… growing boobs?!
He looked at me, cute as ever. “What’s wrong babe?”
I felt aroused. I didn’t know what was happening, but from now on, we’re going to save loads of water…


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