Hoping it was a dream.

Samuel knew there was something desperately wrong when he woke up and reached between his legs to scratches balls which were extremely itchy this morning for some reason.

But instead of finding his balls between his legs he found a very wet and damp void which left his fingers all sticky and wet and dripping with some sort of mucus.

As his eyes started to focus he for the first time this morning noticed the two large breasts on his chest that obscured his view to what was now dripping off his fingers as he did his best to look past them and focus on what was going on between his legs.

He was too much in a state of panic and shock to do anything else but lay there believing he was still dreaming trying to ignore the new feelings and sensations of his new body as he just stared at the mucus dripping off his fingers with no idea that he was just another victim of what would be later known as the great shift.


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