Cheating Bastard.

Jack did not know his wife knew about his secret shag pad in the Bronx where he banged his secretary before coming home four times a week.

Jack did not know his wife messed around in black magic as he slipped his suit back on after another session of banging his secretaries brains out and headed home.

But he could not seem to get a taxi and had to walk in the rain.

As he quickly walked down the street in the pouring rain regretting he did not bring a brolly his body started to itch and burn all over.

He knew he was shrinking by the way his suit hung off him and he could barely keep his shoes on as his feet shrunk in size & a unbelievable pain in his chest made him think he was having a heart attack which was causing him to imagine he was turning into a woman.

When the pain in his chest and the itchiness of his skin became unbearable he ripped open his shirt to get some relief that’s when he noticed the two large breasts that were now bouncing and jiggling on his chest which made him stop and scream out loud.

People walking past just thought it was some mad woman dressed as a man as he groped between the sagging trousers only to discover his little friend had gone and that’s when the police picked him up for public indecency.

He phoned his wife to come and bail him out but she justed laughed out loud down the phone and said that’s what you get for being a cheating bastard why don’t you phone your lover to come & bail you out or won’t she recognise you without your dick between your legs and with that she hung up leaving him there to sort things out himself.


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