Healthy Admiration

I always tried to be a kind, romantic boyfriend, especially when Dani was feeling stressed out. “I can’t handle it,” she cried, “How do they expect me to finish everything? I have an exam tomorrow morning and a race tomorrow afternoon, but I can’t study AND stay in shape! It’s like my body and my brain need to be in different places.”

Dani was right, but she had inadvertently given me idea. “What if we can do that?” I posed to her, candidly. “What if we swap bodies, then I can go keep your body in shape at the gym while you can use mine to study here?” It didn’t take much convincing before she was on board, and within minutes I was off to the gym wearing her tight, perfect body.

It wasn’t until a few hours later that I heard from her again, via text. “How’s it going?” I replied casually, I had just finished up in the weight room and was feeling pretty good. “Fantastic. Your body can really hold up quite nice!”

Quickly she wrote back, asking for a picture just to make sure I was telling the truth. I smiled to myself and snapped a few selfies in the locker-room mirror. A few seconds later, I got another message: “Damn” was all it said. Soon, another came: “I look great, can you snap me some more?”

It wasn’t everyday that I was encouraged to flash sexy poses in my girlfriends body, so I wasn’t quick to complain. More and more I took picks in different poses, flashing a little bit of skin here and there. To each one, she begged for more. “Holy shit,” she finally replied. “This is making your body so hard. I never thought I’d get turned on by my own body like this.”

I laughed. “Does this make you a lesbian?” I replied as a joke, but Dani’s next text felt very serious in tone: “Don’t stop.”

So I took more, each one sexier than the last. The idea of my girlfriend getting off to her own naked body turned me on immensely, and even after her replies slowed to a halt, I knew she was still caught up in thoughts of her own, tight, perky body. Hopefully I could use this to my advantage in the future.


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