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Westside Gym

The Westside Gym was unique. It was an all-girls gym. There isn’t a single male member, however to join in the first place you must be male.
It transforms people. They change men into women. It is immensely popular and it is quite difficult to get in. But I was lucky, as were the friends I have around me. Can you see me? The blonde in the range. I couldn’t be happier. I’ve been her for a year now and I can’t thank the gym enough for it. Read more

A Trainer Like No Other

Since summer is right around the corner, my services as a personal trainer are in high demand. I’ve got a 100% success rate, making me the most successful trainer–maybe ever. I have a very simple method that no other trainers could offer…I’m a bodyhopper! Read more

Gym TG

Going to the gym used to be so simple throw on a T shirt and shorts, and lift some weights, not I not only have to deal with these Melons but also this skin tight outfit that shows off all my unwanted curves

Gender Switchers: Hitting the gym

During high school I could eat almost anything and still keep my weight, thanks to a high metabolism as I still was growing into an adult. It was easy looking good both as a guy and as a girl. I`m a gender switcher and we can switch betwen the two genders as we please, but we will always stay as the equivalent to the opposite sex when we change. Tall guys will become tall girls for example.
But the day arrived when my body felt it was done growing up, it was the same day my metabolism changed for the worse.
I had been able to drink coke and eat loads of food each day with impunity, now every calorie was showing. Slowly I was expanding outwards in size, my beer gut increasing a little every month. I had to buy new pants and a bigger belt to accomomadate my bigger girth.
This also showed on my body when I switched to my female form. The proportions was different, the fat was allocated more towards my breasts and my butt than my gut. For some time I liked seeing them getting bigger, but I was still increasing in size with my horrible nutrition habits and soon enough I looked like a fat cow. Read more

Healthy Admiration

I always tried to be a kind, romantic boyfriend, especially when Dani was feeling stressed out. “I can’t handle it,” she cried, “How do they expect me to finish everything? I have an exam tomorrow morning and a race tomorrow afternoon, but I can’t study AND stay in shape! It’s like my body and my brain need to be in different places.” Read more