Counsellor’s plan

As the man dressed he looked back at the woman on her knees by the bed. She was gently massaging her big tits, the man looked a bit sheepish and said “sorry, was I too rough when I titty fucked you?”. The beautiful woman gazed up with her piercing eyes and gigged “no, it’s fine, sometimes I just can’t believe I have such great fun bags and I’ve got to feel them with my hand to see if they are real”. The man laughed nervously he’d been visiting this brothel for a few months, it was really great, all the women were drop dead gorgeous and from what he heard they were willing to do anything, he heard that meant some genuinely twisted stuff, but he always hated the awkward chat at the end.

He knew they were all prostitutes so they probably had lots of weird daddy issues but in this whore house they did seem to legitimately enjoy their job and that left him feeling stranger than he use to feel with the whores he used to visited. The girls he use to see always knew they’d done something wrong and shameful but with these girls, they acted like he was doing them a favourer. He couldn’t dwell on it to much long as the woman stood and kiss him, he tasted his own cum on her lips. She pressed her spunk covered chest against his, he felt his sore dick rising again. She broke the kiss and pushed him towards the door “I’ll see you next time” she whispered, the man left the room in a daze.


A few hours later the same girl entered the well guarded changing room and headed over to one of the many chairs facing a mirror. She sat on her large bottom and looked at the video tape in her hand “another tape for the counsellor” a chain smoking older woman next to her asked. “Yeah” the girl said as she reached behind her neck and pulled the head of the skinsuit off. Under nether the attractive girls face appeared the face of a very skinny pale man who had clearly abused drugs in the recent past. He slowly pulled the suit off with practice hands revealing his malnourished body, once out he carefully picked up the skin. He looked down at the skinsuit’s once prefect tits, they now looked like two used condom, he wished he hadn’t looked instead he looked at the face that was frozen in a silent scream as he hung it on a coat rack to be cleaned.

As he start to dress his naked body the chain smoker spoke again “it look like you’re finally putting on some weight”. “Yeah” he responded “I think the liquid food I’ve been have at work has helped”. The woman laughed and finished pulling on the skinsuit of the reporter that had been snooping around early, he watch her sexy ass walk out of the room, no doubt to film some blackmail for when they zipped her back up. Unlike the skinsuit he had been wearing the reporter having such a sudden career change would raise to many questions.

He picked up the tape and headed for the main desk so it could be sent to the counsellor. He couldn’t believe the counsellor had trusted people with addictions with the costume gun. The counsellor had thought that if addicts could spend a few hours a week in a non-addicts body then they would see that they could live with out drugs, drink, cigarettes, fatty foods of what ever they were addicted to. Unfortunately for him while they wore the skinsuits they lost their normal cravings they had and instead craved sex. The counsellor had intended for the addicts to wear family members skins but when he realised he’d given the most down trodden people in the world an incredibly powerful weapon he tried to stop them. The addicts had been pushed and around to much their addictions were caused by the people around them and society, they weren’t going to give up this power.

The drug addict reached the main desk and handed over the tape, he watch for a few moments as the woman wrote on the side of it counsellor’s daughter tape #23.


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