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Headswap Remote (Reupload because of broken image)

“Come on Mark, let it go. There probably is no other way to power this thing.”
“Don’t you want your body back?”
“Sure, but be realistic. This strange remote could be from another dimension for all we now. Besides, I have gotten quite used to Jenna’s Body. She is taller than I was and girl’s clothes are actually really comfortable, once you got used to them.”
“I guess you are right.”, Mark sighted while he cupped Jodie’s breasts once again. “It’s not like anybody else can see this” Read more

Headswap Remote 4

Josh wasted not time. After the initial shock and a quick examination of Jennifer’s mature body he went right for the meat, so to speak. Being a horny teenager, he felt like he died and woke up in heaven. A sexy woman’s body was right at his disposal, were and when ever he wanted. As a bonus he gained the ability to experience multiple orgasms, in a way only a woman should. He was currently about to come for the 5th time since gaining his neigbours body, when someone knocked on his door. Read more

thanks bro

Thanks brother! My crush Natalie said I’m cute but that she NEEDS a man in bed, so I exchanged our bodies from the head down. I’m serious! Recognize these abs? This boxers? Want me to keep going down? Ha!
Anyway, thanks for the big loan, I didn’t know my little brother was packing so much!
Well I don’t care what you do, lucky you I had small tits so you should find a way to hide your new body just fine. Oh I did get your underwear though! I’ll be needing the support, if you know what I mean. Enjoy my panties!
What? You wanted to wear boxers along with your new lacy bras?
Now if you excuse me, I have to show my new girlfriend my new friend.
Don’t make that face! That way you do look like a girl.
I’ll make you a deal: I’ll film her sucking my new cock and let you see it later, alright?

Headswap Remote 2

Robert (19) was scratching his head in confusion. One minute he was pressing a button on that weird remote those two boys in their summer dresses left behind and in the next he found himself on the other end of the park and felt the nipples on his small breasts poking through the material of his striped bikini. The bottom of the bikini began riding up his ass while he started walking towards his previous position. The emptiness he felt between his legs as he moved with a natural swing due to his wide hips gave him goosebumps on his soft skin. One of his hands move across the curves of his lean body while the other noticed that his head was still the same. Read more