Having Them is a Curse

“Sometimes having boobs this big is a curse. Sometimes,” I had said, winking at the flat-chested girl at the bar as I walked away with the guy she had been hitting on. How was I supposed to know she was a witch, and would show me what a real curse was?

Later that night, while taking a shower, I felt a tightness across my chest, and my nipples began to tingle. I ignored it, and kept washing myself, but finally it became too much, and I looked down.
It was horrible. Not only had my breasts shrunk at least two, maybe even three, cup sizes, but my nipples were gone! I rubbed all across my new flatter boobs, but they were just smooth mounds now. I tried to stimulate where my nipples had been, but felt nothing. No pleasure at all.
Within moments of that realization, my pussy started to burn! I reached down to try to make it stop, but was met with a familiar feeling:
“Is that…a nipple?” I muttered in horror. And it was. My vagina was gone, replaced by a single dark, erect nipple. I fell to a seated position, terrified by what was happening to my body. Then I felt the tightness between my legs. I reached my hands down, and felt them move away from my body, being pushed out by the expanding breast that was growing between my legs.
I looked down at it when it had finished growing, my mouth open in shock as I stared at my new boob. It had to be at least a D-cup, maybe bigger. I tried to stand up, but it was uncomfortable to stand with it pressing against my thighs. I stepped bow-legged out of the shower, the breasts on my chest barely wobbling, but the one further down slapped against my legs with a loud wet sound. I stared at my transformed body in the mirror, disgusted by now only my small, smooth breasts, but at the huge tit between my legs.
Then I felt the urge to pee.


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