Under the fallen tree

Our parents were good friends and every year since we can remember our families would come up to these mountains to camp at least once a year. When we hit our teens, Lizzie and I would always sneak off next to this fallen tree and fuck like rabbits.

In recent years, our parents quit coming, but Lizzie and I would still come up here at least once a year and screw each other beneath this tree. It just became tradition to screw under this tree at least once a year for good luck.

Last year though, a poorly worded wish left me with tits and a pussy. And sadly it was my last wish which left me permanently stuck like this. Unfortunately the wish didn’t make me a lesbian, and Lizzie never was.

This year we came up camping as usual. We tried to do the girl girl thing under the tree, but it just wasn’t working out. It started to look like we would finally have to break with tradition.

Luckily two good looking hikers came bye and were more than willing to help out two girls in need. Oh yea, the tradition would live on as we both screwed underneath the same fallen tree once again.


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