Hard wired

Me and my sister were always fighting. Since she was way younger than me I would always make fun of her. It wasn’t much of my fault, I guess it is hardwired into all older brother’s minds. I hated it when my parents asked me to babysit her. So usually those were the days I made her life more of a living hell.

She was playing with some of her dolls, when I started to make fun of her again. She cried, and I just left her room, walking towards mine, when she yelled “I hate you! I wish I had an older sister instead of you”. I felt a little light headed. I looked back at her, and noticed one of her dolls started glowing. I didn’t give it much thought, but she looked worried. I walked back to her, and told her “don’t cry sis. I’ll play with you and your dolls later. Right now I have to call my boyfriend. You will understand when you are my age”.

I kissed her on her fore head. She looked worried, but she didn’t say a thing. As I walked back to my room, my sister yelled to me “Sis!”, I looked back at her, “I love you”. “Me too” I told her. “I sure love my sister, I guess it is hardwired into older’s sister’s minds” I thought.


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