Harassment AS the Teacher!

Sick of the harassment she got from her student Tom, Miss Vanessa Pierce decided to teach Tom a lesson. She swapped their bodies as he approached her, and then she touched her own boobs in from Tom’s body! Tom now in Vanessa’s body, had a shocked look on his face as he realized he was not only feeling strange and staring at himself, but his self was grabbing breasts that he could now feel attached to his chest!

Veronica in Tom’s body said, with a smirk, “How do you like that, MISS PIERCE? OH, IT WAS AN ACCIDENT! You got away with things like this all semester, just because your dad is a hot shot lawyer and on the city council. Now how do you like it now that the shoe, or should I say HEEL is on the other foot?”

Tom looked down at his boobs, feeling them attached to him, and being touched by his former hands, then down to his black pencil skirt, shimmery nude hose, and high heels, seeing in fact the heel was on the other foot, his new foot!

“Now you better be a good teacher, Miss Pierce, remember MY dad’s a lawyer, and I can do whatever I please, and I must say your boobs feel wonderful! Have a nice day MISS VANESSA PIERCE! Give me good grades,” said the new Tom walking way away from the new Vanessa!

New Vanessa said, “Wait, you can’t do this?!”

New Tom replied, “Oh, but I can, and I did, and what are you going to do about it?”

“I’m… I’m… change us back this instant,” said new Vanessa panicking.

“Now why would I do that? I have it made in this body, I’m younger, richer, and being a guy is a bit of a stretch I grant you that, but it’s all worth it,” said new Tom smiling and winking.

Then new Vanessa, looked down at her new body, touching her tight skirt and her flatness in the groin area with her dainty new manicured hands, her nails long and ruby red, the cupping her huge boobs. This time she was the one grabbing her own boobs in shock.

So, new Vanessa said, “You can’t… you, can’t do this to me?! I’m stuck as the teacher?! I can’t be you Miss Pierce, I can’t believe this!”

“Have a good day WOMAN, be glad I don’t do something worse to you, and yes by the way, I think I’m keeping this body, have fun being the teacher, with your new low salary, tiny beat up car, small house, and pushy boyfriend, YES BOYFRIEND. Now you can deal with Paul and his horniness. He wants sex at least three times when he comes over, and he loves blowjobs too! Don’t worry I’m sure your new hormones will help with those experiences, you’ll be into men now like I was! Doesn’t a nice big juicy cock sound good to you right now Miss Pierce? I thought so,” said new Tom before leaving class, and leaving new Vanessa to her new life as a moderately busty mature brunette school teacher!


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