Fight for survival

Joining the fighting tournament seemed like a good idea at the time. Three million dollar winner takes all prize pool and the promise of a harem full of beautiful women sounded too good to pass up. Little did we know that the harem would be made up of the losers. Well not all of them. I lost my first bout, which found me in the sexy female body I had now. i’m still sure that my opponent cheated, but that didn’t matter now. The tournament wasn’t over yet. Losing my first fight didn’t end the tournament for me. Instead I was put in the loser’s bracket, where’d I’d fight one of the other losers. The winner would get to go home. Granted I’d still have this new body, but the tournament organizers would at least provide us with a new identity. The loser on the other hand would have their mind altered to become the perfect bimbo sex slave for the winner’s harem, devoted and completely in love with the winner.

My next fight wouldn’t be until after the winner of the tournament was determined. Then all the losers would be matched up. In the meantime, the tournament organizers gave us losers a place to stay and train. I had just gotten my new body, but I wasn’t going to waste any time not training. I donned the clothes they provided, but I couldn’t bring myself to put on the bra. A decision I now regretted, but I felt putting on the bra was just admitting defeat. I trained with a focus I never knew I had before. This wasn’t a fight for money or prizes. This was a fight for survival.


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