Joe and his step sister Hailey didn’t really get along. Ever since their parents got married three years ago, they’d been stuck with each other. Hailey thought Joe was a mean nerd, and Joe thought Hailey was a spoiled brat.

Joe’s life got a lot harder once Hailey’s witchcraft kicked in. Her mother was a witch as well, so he knew it was coming. Still, it’s hard to change behavioral patterns built up over years.

Hailey had gotten in a fight with her long time boyfriend and they broke up. She was crying and sobbing for days, moaning about how she’d never meet anyone like him again. Finding nice guys was sooo hard, she whined. Joe couldn’t take it anymore and eventually snapped. Aside from a two week romance in eighth grade, he’d always been single, and not by intent. In his experience, no girl who wanted a boyfriend was without one for more than a few months. So when he snapped he told Hailey how stupid she was, how easy girls had it, how she just needed to get over it.

And so, Hailey turned Joe into Jane, her new younger sister. Jane freaked out of course, having gone from an 18 year old guy to a 16 year old chick. Hailey just shrugged and then waggled her finger at Jane again, making her flat chest grow into a nice pair of C cup boobs. Then she walked into Joe’s room and transformed it into a girl’s room.

Their parents were upset of course, but per the rules of witchcraft, no witch could undo the spell of another witch. Hailey’s spell protection was still a little weak, so her mother was able to punish her by turning her into a dog. Hailey’s mother called the school and explained the situation. Joe would have to get used to going to school as Jane.

After a month Hailey was turned back into a person, but she still refused to turn Jane back into Joe. By that point Jane didn’t care as much though. She loved the way all her old nerdy male friends fawned over her now that she was a hot chick. And she thought she’d enjoyed masturbation as a guy! No comparison! She’d finger herself two or three times a day now! Despite that she’d been moved from the senior class to the sophomore class, her buddy Mark had invited her to the senior prom with him, and she’d said yes. As she played with herself after that she started to fantasize about prom night and what would come after…

Turns out, at least in her case, she was right. Chicks who want boyfriends don’t stay single for more than a few months.


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