The Rush

A flash of lightning felt all over the world, and minds were redistributed among bodies. Everywhere people found themselves in new bodies, new places and with surprising new feelings.

Kevin had been cycling when the Great Shift hit, and left his scrawny teenaged body in a ditch by the side of the road. When he opened his eyes, he was in a studio. A photographer was blinking in confusion at the scene around him. Another man was sat on the floor, crying like a toddler. Kevin took a deep breath and looked down. He now seemed to be an incredibly busty woman, with soft natural breasts that filled his slender arms as he instinctively began to cradle his body. Dark hair fell about his field of vision as he moved.

Walking to the window, he could see chaos in the streets below – crashed cars, people laying motionless on the road or tearing at their clothes in panic. But Kevin was trying to make out his new reflection, and trace the features of his gorgeous new face. There was no panic within him – only a rush of new feelings as his conciousness met the hormones of his new hyper-feminine form for the first time. He extended his tongue, tasting the pale skin of his tits for the first time. It was incredible. He felt his pussy tingle as his mouth sought out his own nipple…


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