Great Stud Shift

Hank was late to the group sex session with Jessica Juice, local cum slut. As he hurried, his pants were already tenting in anticipation of this hot cum slut sensation. Then the Great Shift hit, Hank blacked out, and when he came to, he was already at the session! The only thing is, after feeling the long hair, heavy boob weight, and wet pussy; and also smelling, feeling, and tasting hot cum while surrounded by dicks, two of which he was now grabbing, Hank realized he was probably the event’s main attraction now, Jessica Juice!

As Hank began to freak out, so did some of the men, acting stunned, as the Great Shift affected many that night. Hank managed to stumble into the dressing room nearby, and lock the door amid the chaos, only to be confronted by his new reflection. He was a sexy, yet slutty cum covered woman now, and he knew as the Great Shift goes, he was stuck like this. Even more shocking, he, well rather, his body was super turned on by all men, and he wondered if he would be as slutty as she was.


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