Great Shift Valentine

The Great Shift put Al in his mother body and his friend Tom in a young hunk body. Days after Tom noticed some changes in his friend: he started dressing more and more like a woman, wearing skirt, walking with heels without problems and when they met he kisses on the cheeks and when he hugs him he press his new boobs on his body. When Tom pointed out to him his changes he responded “Well it’s true but since we cannot do anything about the great shift, i started accept my body and… i started like it, my mom’s body is very hot for her age… don’t you think I’m pretty? your body too… now that I’m a woman i start to change my mind on something…” Tom always had a crush over his friend’s mom so took the occasion of the great shift to ask his friend to go out on a date for Valentine’s day. Surprisingly Al accepted. So on Valentine’s day before leaving the house Tom saw the looks Al was sending and the sexy way he was dresssed make Tom understood about what Al changed his mind. Leaving the house Tom decided to test it and grabbed his friend’s ass, AL turn back and smiling said “not now big boy, you will do everything you want with my body but first i want a romantic dinner and if the date will be wonderful I’ll give you a special gift” Al took Tom’s hand and put his finger in his mouth and sucked it. Then they went on the date.


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