As Kari watched through the crack in the door, she fought back sobs as she cried quietly. This wasn’t right. None of this was right. Watching herself from this angle was sick, and what she felt was even worse. Those tits were hers! She had been the one who had been there as they came in, she had been the one who had bought bras and bikinis for them! And that hair! It had taken her four years to grow it that long — the imposter who had it now wouldn’t even know which dye to use to keep the roots blonde. He probably didn’t even know how to condition it properly! Some 50 year-old man, fondling HER tits, playing with HER hair. She began to stare at her bush. He had let it grow so long already she barely recognized it. The tight blonde curls were sort of cute…

Her penis twitched in her sweatpants and she jumped.

‘HEY! Get out of here you pervert or I’m calling the cops again! This isn’t your house anymore!’

Kari scrambled down the hall and flew out the front door, tears running down her face and into her beard. There was nothing ‘great’ about this ‘Great Shift’ at all.


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