Finding a decent hopping partner is a nightmare. Out of the number that don’t just hop solo, half of them are borderline psychopaths and the other half have fetishes so specific and bizarre you just feel like a spectator at someone else’s therapy session. Not to mention how difficult it is to find the bastards. The forums are overrun with requests for addresses of random photos hoppers have found online, but no one wants to respond to a simple partner classified.

Which is why Maggie is a goddamn miracle. I met her about a year ago in the weirdest circumstances. I was drunk and masturbating and left a comment on a porn video (I know: don’t judge me) and got a private message a few days later: ‘you want to BE her eh? you a hopper? cuz i know where she lives. if this doesn’t make any sense to you then fuck off’.

Most people have a thing about meeting strangers from the internet in person. But then again most people can’t take control of any body in sight with the blink of an eye. It’s hard to mug somebody when your consciousness is in hibernation. So I met her. I honestly can’t remember who I was at the time, but I’ll never forget her: she was this sexy skinny little Latina punk chick with the side of her head shaved and a septum ring. It was lust at first sight.

We went back to the hotel I was staying at and fucked all day before going shopping for bodies on the USC campus. College bodies are always hot. It’s always tricky picking bodies with a partner but with Maggie it was a dream. She went for this cute little redhead with perky tits (petite seems to do it for her) and I opted for this all American cheerleader type with a killer ass. The sex was incredible. Fucking an actual real lesbian and not just some horny dude who’s playing the part in a borrowed bod makes all the difference. Maybe that makes me a hypocrite but she didn’t complain. Maggie just KNEW what I wanted! I’d just stare at her and she’d know: he wants to taste his own cunt. And so I sucked my juices off her fingers. It was at that moment I knew: this girl was a keeper.


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