Government Scheme

As many would know all too well, it’s not easy to find work. However, thanks to the new government scheme it’s much easier. An applicant can change their gender to suit the role courtesy of the government.
Garry and Leon applied. They became Georgina (left) and Louise (right). It didn’t take long to source work and they snapped up jobs as secretaries at the same firm.
The government assisted them greatly, not only did they give them the bodies they sorely needed but they changed their entire lives. The government provided make up lessons and lessons in feminine behaviour. They also supplied an entire closet of feminine clothing in exchange for their masculine counterparts.
They’ve both adjusted greatly. To them being female is normal. Georgina even has interest in men. She quickly made a name for herself as the office slut before settling down with a wealthy man who will no doubt one day ask her to marry. Louise on the other hand still stands by her male views and only has an interest in women however Georgina insists that she can change her mind.


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