Got What She Wanted

Harry wished for a new life after he realized he was a loser and wanted to start over. He had a dead end job, no friend, no lover, no prospects, and his family was distant. He found out there was a rare village in the alps that could help, so he used every penny he had saved up and went there for help, believing they could help with from what he had found out about the place.

When he got there, he was asked to make a wish, and he did, “I wish to have a fresh start in life, completely different this time, and with all the necessary advantages to make it easy to be successful.”

Suddenly he blacked out and came to instantly someplace else back in the States. He was feeling strange too and looked down to see pert little boobs, and a flat crotch in tight shorts and long sexy smooth legs. He felt lots of hair too, he had a thick mane of blonde hair surrounding him now as well. He pulled up the cute pink tank and revealed what he thought, the boobs were real, they certainly felt it. The he pulled down the shorts to see his flat crotch barely covered by a leopard patterned thong, slightly riding up into his new equipment below, reaffirming that he was a she now.

He yelped in his new voice, and it was high and sweet. He or rather she would later find her reality was changed, she was now the daughter of a rich businessman and rich businesswoman, she was only 18 now, and she had money with her whole life ahead of her. She had one year of high school yet to figure out what to do in life, and then she would be off to an expensive college. She got a fresh start being young and in a different life, and it was different, she was a young woman now, and she had all the necessary advantages too, with lots of money, he could go to the finest college and be a real easy success.

She looked in the mirror in shock and awe, but realized she was beautiful, and had all the right assets of a sexy young lady. She realized this would take getting used to, the new family, the new body, the money, but it might just be worth it if she could get used to it.


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