Girly life

When I ordered this body suit, I wasn’t sure what to expect.
I must say I’m not disappointed.

As my legs went in, I could feel my skin melting with the suit. The sensation was nice and warm. My feet used to be big and hairy, now they were so small and cute. I wiggled my new toes, started to get used to it.

I continued with my legs. I touched them, feeling how they were now soft and hairless. I loved it, and continued. When the suit touched my crotch, I didn’t waste any time and pulled it up.
My dick was just a memory now. As I caressed my pussy, I could feel it starting to get wet.

I continued, all the way up, I could feel the heavy sensation of my boobs hanging there.
I thought I wouldn’t waste more time and slid my muscular arms in the suit.
My hands were now all girly, small, thin… With them I started discovering my new body. I loved every bit of it.

I looked at myself in the mirror. I was so ugly. My disgusting face and this perfect body. It was time to finish it. I put the mask on. I was blinded for a second or so, and when my vision came back, I felt like crying. This is who I was supposed to be.

The suit came with all sorts of accessories. I started with the make up, continued by wearing the jewelry, and finished with the clothes.
I was now ready to go out and live my new girly life.


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