Girlfriend’s Revenge

Charlie’s girlfriend Larissa was angry, “So Charlie you like to cheat on me with big breasted women aye? I’ll show you big breasts. Tied up here, may my magic make haste, you will be a woman with tits to your waist!”

Charlie was desperately trying to get free as he was changed into a woman, then felt his new large tits sagging below one of the ties. He struggled to get free as the breasts grew even more, touching his legs! As he looked down with a wisp of brown hair in his vision, he seen humongous tits horrified, they were attached to him!

Lana said, “Well, Carly you turned out nicely. How does it feel to have such lovely boobs on your chest? You cheated on me with busty chicks, now you can live as one! Enjoy your fun bags sweetie, it’s permanent!”

Charlie, now Carly screamed, hearing her new high pitched voice as Lana rolled a full length mirror in front of her showing her the new ultra busty body she now possessed, and would the rest of her life!


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