Getting used to

Saul felt a bit chilly and lifted the corner of his white dress, not that it did much good.

“This will take some getting used to,” he said, still stunned by how wife Zara had transformed him into this girl and then grown a dick herself and gone to work, promising to be back in 8 hours. He sipped some tea and tried to occupy himself.

“Maybe I was incompetent and irresponsible at the office and didn’t bring home a big enough paycheck,” he spoke to himself. “I made her mad. Now, what can I do for her when she comes back from work?” He dropped the dress and stared at his prominent new assets. “Should I blow her? Would she like that and start forgiving me? Why am I getting wet down there? Should I keep wearing this white dress she put me in or would she prefer me naked? Can I cook a meal for her? What about this pretty white dress, will it get stained?”

He saw the apron lying on the kitchen counter and felt relieved. “I’ll put this apron on to cook and keep my this white dress clean for my…what is she after all? She’s a girl with a dick. I’ll start calling her my husband.”


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