Genie Series #7. @DawnFall

“Another nameless master” Genie said. “I guess I’ll call you Caio” she said. She continued reading his wish “Hi genie! I want to be transformed into a beautiful Asian girl, and be used as a sexual doll! please!”. Genie knew that was a pretty straight forward wish. “No way I will mess this up” she said outloud. “Wish granted” Genie said as she faded away slowly.

Caio was at a job interview, when everything, except him froze in place. For a moment he thought it was some kind of a joke. “Hello?” he said waving his hand infront of his interviewer’s eyes. But he didn’t blink. He walked around the office, looking for some clues, but nothing. He looked out the window, but the world outside seemed to be frozen too. He started to get a little scared, and he hadn’t even seen the woman-shaped cloud of pink smoke behind him.

The smoke quickly entered his body and took over him. Caio tried to fight it, but it was too late, every molecule in his body was changing. He felt everybit of his change and felt excited. “Let me be an asian girl” he thought and smiled. And in a few seconds he was indeed an asian girl, and a really hot one.

She took her manly clothes off, and started putting a pair of black nylons that materialized right infront of her. And right at that moment, the world started moving again. But she was now stuck in place. Her interviewer stood up, and looked at the frozen woman in front of him. He didn’t look confused, he knew exactly what he was looking at. “Wow! so real” he said while pressing on her breasts. It was aroussing, and if she wasn’t frozen in place, she would have moaned a little. But to much of her surprise she did speak, “More please” she said with a sexy accent. Her interviewer, now master smiled.

He walked back to his desk and pulled out a remote. “Dawn” he said as he read her name off the remote, “I’ve always liked that name”. He pointed the remote, and she possed sexily. “I think I have to take this model home. For a test drive” he added. At least she now knew her name.

By using the remote he was in control of her. He thought Dawn was nothing but a sex doll with advanced AI. But dawn knew better, she was one of a kind. She loved her master, and loved having her AI brains fucked. Whenever her master went off to work, he would leave her almost naked frozen in some sexy pose. Maybe one day she will gain some freedom, but for now, she’s enjoying every bit of her new life.


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