Full 3D experience

Gary was excited coming back home with the brand new blu-ray disc he had bought. The clerk that sold it to him said that it was one of the best around. “Female Fantasies 69 – Sex from her perspective”, was its name.
Supporting all the highest business standards it was promised to give you a full experience if your system was just good enough.

He popped the disc into the reader, paying no attention to the usual warnings. Soon enough the menu appeared and Gary began to search for the settings, because his home theater was just good enough. After a short while he found them. The options “Low, Intermediate, High, Ultra High, Full immersion”. He hadn´t seen an option like the last one before, “Full Immersion”? He checked its box and returned to the main menu.

His finger pressed ´Play´.

Gary felt how a soul sucking feeling transferred him to a whole new place. His mind slowly recollected itself after the sudden disorientation. Something was wrong.
He felt two protrusions on his chest and his hands quickly grabbed a hold of them. He realized two things quite fast, he had breasts and that his hands were dainty and small.
Getting his breasts touched sent a pleasureable shiver along his spine. He wondered if something more had changed.
One hand moved to his now big and squishy butt whilst the other explored his new sex. When his fingers penetrated his hole he suddenly felt empty. He wanted more, he wanted to be filled.

“What´cha doin´, babe? Starting without me? Come here, I will take care of you”. The male voice appeared out of nowhere behind of Gary. Two strong hands reached around him and took a firm grasp on his two breasts and began massaging them. Suprised at first but soon Gary gave into the ministrations of the man´s hands. It felt even better when someone else did it.
Lips began to kiss his neck and Gary felt how he was heating up. It felt soooooo goooood. His pussy had become wet already.
The man noted the damp spot on the panties. “Shit babe, you must be horny as hell. Time to do something about it”.
He spun Gary around and placed him on the back. Removing the underwear Gary felt exposed at the same time he saw the thick, rigid cock that was pointing at his vagina.

Slowly, inch by inch the dick moved up inside of Gary´s body. He tried to wrap his legs around he mans body and push him in further and faster but the man wouldn´t let him. Gary was mad with arousal.
When the hilt of the dick finally met his pussy walls Gary sighed with ecstasy. He felt so gloriously full and complete now.
Then it began moving in and out.
The motion teased his nerve endings inside of him, like a tea kettle be began to build up a pressure and when it released his body was hit with a torrent of wonderful sensations, sending his mind reeling. Stars danced in front of his eyes and his pussy pulsated, stimulating the dick even more. The man shot his load inside of him, and that alone sent Gary on a second trip to the fantastic land of female orgasms.

Then blackness.

Gary opened his eyes. He was in the familiar enviroment of the his home cinema. It had all been so vivid. He could swear he had experienced all of it first hand.
The main menu showed him the page with the extra material.
“Female Fantasies 69 – The twin experience”.
He looked at the text for several seconds.
“I must call Fred. He´s got to see this”.


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