Shouldn’t Have Snuck In On Momma Part 1

It had been twenty years since my girlfriend had unbirthed me, and accidentally turned me into a girl. She had apologized for a while at first, but soon I could tell how excited she was to have a daughter. It was a big moment for her when she took me to buy my first bra, and a bit of a disappointment for me when I didn’t have to buy many more.
My breasts were small. Especially compared to my mother’s. I had clearly not inherited any of her assets, which I was reminded of every time I looked down, as I was doing now, texting my best friend just after waking up. I was even still in my underwear! Which brought to light how great the rest of my body was. I had curves in all the right places everywhere else, I had just missed out in the chest department, and I had learned to live with it. For the most part.
So I got dressed, put my phone into my pocket, and left the house, shouting to my mom that I was going for a walk.
I was walking my usual morning route, my hands in my pockets and my head towards the ground, when I noticed someone just ahead of me. A woman.
“Hello,” I said to her as I got closer. She didn’t seem to have any purpose, just walking, like me. She turned to look at me, and I saw on her chest breasts that would make even my mom jealous!
She must have noticed me staring (and if she didn’t want people to she should really wear a top with a tighter neck), and asked sadly, “Admiring the girls, huh?” I just nodded shyly. “I was-I just wish mine were as great…” I said, not sure why I’d talk about something so personal to a complete stranger.
“Hah, that’s funny,” she said. “Cause I wish mine were more like yours! I guess we all have our curses…”


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