French Wine

Dominik had a job interview at a photo agency. The boss was a good looking young woman with the name Jasmin.

“Hello Dominik, nice to meet you” she said friendly. “You know where it goes in the job?”

“No, not really. But your advertisement was very interesting” Dominik replied. “The possibility to see the world, sounds very interesting for me.”

“Yes, we have offices in many countries. The job is in France. Do you speak french?”

“Oh, unfortunately not” Dominik said.

“That doesn`t matter. We have special methods to help you. Are you interested?”

“Yes, definitely.”

“Good, then sign here please” Jasmin said with a smile. She took a bottle of wine out of the cupboard.
“Let`s have a toast to a good cooperation. This is very rare wine from France.”

She filled John`s glass. He took a big gulp. The wine tasted strange. He noticed, that his heart began to beat faster. With each heartbeat, his body began to form more fat.
Especially his hips and his chest seemed to grow bigger and bigger. Suddenly he noticed, that his penis disappeared und turned into a wet vagina.

“Oh my God, what was in this wine? And why I suddenly have this high voice? Help me, my boobs grow really huge. What have you done with me?” Dominik screamed in horror.

“Yes, and there are no silicon implants in your tits. It is all yours. I’m jealous. I have make you perfekt for your new job in France” Jasmin said with a evil grin.

Dominik`s face was changing into a feminin form and long brown hair fall down from his head. At the same time his shirt and trousers fused into a knee length white dress.

“”Merde, comment pourriez-vous faire cela?“………..I mean shit” Dominik screamed.

“Oh, I see that you already got a sweet french accent” said Jasmin. “And you will not only speak french. You understand what I mean?”

“Quels accent, je ne sais pas ce qu’ils veulent dire. Ahh, pourquoi je parle français?” Dominik screamed angry.

“You were going to necessarily do the job. Maybe, I should mention, that you will not work as a photographer. But as a model. I have probably forgotten to say that.” Jasmine said with a grinn.
“You are Dominique now, a sweet french erotic model. And now hurry up. Your first shooting is starting in a few minutes.

“Vous conne, elle m’a trompé. Je vais les rembourser, ils trou du cul.” Dominique cried.

“Oh, so angry words from a so beautiful mouth,” said Jasmine. “You’ll have to accept your new life. Or the things could be very uncomfortable for you. We could transform you into a little Thai hooker or a shemale. Or would you prefer to be a fat Milf? We can do everthing with you….”


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