For a starter.

The 3 young women who used to be 3 young men before the great shift were curious about there new sexuality and wondered if they would be turned on by the sight of a naked man as they knew they were no longer turned on by the sight of a naked woman.

They snuck into the male locker room and noticed for the first time the musky smell of male sweat that clawed at their nostrils that in some ways excited there new female bodies.

Looking around like tourists in a strange land everything about this one’s familiar room seem strange and odd today looking and smelling completely different to the room they just changed in.

They came across Jason Fuller changing for his swim class standing there naked as the day he was born.

He was slightly embarrassed to see three girls in there one piece bathing suits staring fixedly on his manhood as they giggled and talk like he was not there as they could not believe when they were men that those things look so big from their point of view but as a woman it looks so small.

They were all of the same mind it did get them wet between their legs and it would do for a starter but they somehow knew they wanted something bigger harder between.


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