Flash app

I was looking at the apps I had randomly downloaded a couple of days before. Most of them were crappy games, but one app caught my eye “the flash app”. I didn’t know what it was about, maybe it is a camera app that always uses the flash, “or an app to take pictures of girls flashing” I whispered and laughed a little, “yeah right”.

I was at the mall, and I saw a guy in front of me. He was wearing a gray hoodie, he looked bored as hell. I openned the app, “it is a picture app” I said. I decided to take a test picture, I pointed my phone at him, and snapped a picture. I couldn’t have expected what happened next. The guy changed completely, his hair changed color and grew to shoulder length. His face looked somehow feminine, even his body. Then he looked towards the left, and then straight at me, he openned his hoodie, and revealed breasts. He wasn’t a guy anymore, she was a girl. She smiled, and looked around to see if anyone had noticed. She then stood up, and walked towards me, “let me see” she said while grabbing the phone from my hands. “There” she said, “I posted the pic”.

“Now your turn” she said. She pointed the phone at me, and took a picture. It was so fast, that I wasn’t even able to say “no”. As soon as she took the picture, I felt a piercing headache, thank god it only lasted about a second. I felt the need to unbutton my blouse, as I did, I flashed my breasts, and smiled. I closed my blouse and button it up. “Let me see” I said, and looked at my 5 second video. “Wow I am hot” I said. I posted my the image.

I stood up, and kissed her, she kissed me back. I grabbed her hand, and we both started walking. “I am Kim by the way” I told her, “Kat, nice to meet you” she said. On our way to her place, I deleted the app. As expected we became lesbians. I still remember being a man, but I don’t remember much details about that life, especially since I have some overlapping memories of being a girl since birth.


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