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Oh Honey…

My girlfriend and I were laying in bed talking after waking up this morning. The discussion went to talking about lesbian sex and that men just don’t know how it feels to have sex as a woman. She said that women have it better and sex is better as a woman and I disagreed. She said that she could prove me wrong…I said” How?” She Said” Wait, I will show you…” I said ” OK, hit me with your best shot…” She started kissing me and pawing at me ,ripping the buttons off of my pajama top. She said for me to just close my eyes and enjoy. Her hands were like magic, working all over my body, making me tingle from one end of my body to the other. she rubbed and sucked on my nipples ,making them hard and sensitive. “Damn” I said “This feels fantastic!” She then started massaging my already erect penis. She ran her fingers up and down the shaft then working expertly my balls in her hand. What I didn’t realize was that my body was morphing into a female version of myself. My moans were coming faster and at a higher pitch that normal. I didn’t care, I was in heaven. The next thing I knew , she had 3 fingers in my pussy and I was about to come….

More Than Strip Poker

As Ted played strip poker with Lana, instead of getting a chance with her as a man, he got a chance with her as a woman, a blonde woman just like her! She used magic cards and as Ted lost game after game the transformation was imminent. Suddenly, and swiftly he became a she, Trisha! Read more

Flash app

I was looking at the apps I had randomly downloaded a couple of days before. Most of them were crappy games, but one app caught my eye “the flash app”. I didn’t know what it was about, maybe it is a camera app that always uses the flash, “or an app to take pictures of girls flashing” I whispered and laughed a little, “yeah right”. Read more