First-hand experience.

75 year old Dr Jack Monroe was a retired gynaecologist doing part-time work for the local medical school.

That was before the great shift turn him into a young woman.

He was grateful to be young and healthy again he was grateful to be able to walk without a stick but he the just wish the great shift as it was being called by the media would had given him a man’s body.

He was more equipped than most men would be finding themselves with women’s equipment between their legs but despite all his knowledge it did not prepare him for the full reality of becoming a woman.

Everything was a lot more intense and sensitive then he could ever imagine and when he went for his first gynecological exam he could not believe how invasive it felt to lie with your legs in stirrups and let somebody fiddle between your legs with your most private and sensitive areas.

But his biggest nightmare was when he return to work and he was put in charge of a remedial class teaching men that have become women what there new equipment was and how to take care of it.

He had only been a woman for six months and had barely gotten used to his new equipment and all the complexities that came with it.

So he felt really nervous standing up in front of the class holding a diagram of a vagina and explaining to all the new wide-eyed women what there new equipment was called.

He pointed out on the diagram where there new parts were and what there purpose was.


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