Find the Ring

Come on, come on, that ring’s got to be around here somewhere. I need to find it quick!

My friend and I had happened upon a magic ring last week. We quickly learned that the wearer could make anything they wanted come true just by speaking their wish out loud. Our wishes had gradually gotten more daring. At first it was small stuff, like wishing to be stronger, to have more money, you know, first timer stuff. Then We got more creative. We made it so all night, whenever a friend of ours tried to pick up a girl, he’d just make fart noises with his mouth. Then we thought it would be funnier if he was aware of the noises he was making, but they thought he was saying exactly what they wanted to hear. He was so confused, but he went with it surprisingly fast. He was really confused when we turned it off, and all of a sudden his “charm” was gone.

The other day we’d made it so every girl on campus was stark naked, but none of them realized. That was a fun one. That was actually the one that got us thinking today.

“Those girls actually looked really comfortable yesterday. Like, they didn’t notice anything was different, but you could tell they felt better.” My friend started in.

“I know, it was pretty hot.”

“Thing is, it kind of made me jealous. What do you think, feeling adventurous?” Sure, we were out at a secluded swimming hole, what was the harm. After I nodded, he put on the ring and stated “I wish we were a couple of hot topless girls.”

That was 4 hours ago. We’d had plenty of fun at first, swimming around and splashing each other. Helping each other get to know these hot bodies. But the tone really changed when my friend realized the ring had slipped off his finger. It was somewhere in the water.

“Find anything yet?” He called over, panic written across his face.


“Fuck man, I didn’t mean for this to happen. I can’t go home a girl! We’ve got to find it before the sun goes down!”

Just then I saw something shimmer under the water. A closer look revealed it was the ring. I bent down in concentration as I slowly slipped the ring onto my toe.

“Wait, did you find something?” My friend said in excitement.

“Uhh, this is embarrassing,” I said, realizing I was playing with my tits, “I was actually checking out my reflection.”

“Well, unless you want to be doing that in the mirror every morning, you need to concentrate.”

I smiled at that last. I’m sorry man, but you’re just going to wish us back. Ever since I caught those hikers checking us out I knew I wasn’t done with this body by a long shot. Plus, your boob are just as big as mine. If they’re half as sensitive, I’m sure you’ll come around.


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