Finally Happy.

Frank could not believe the fates had finally smiled upon him as he stared in the mirror and saw the beautiful reflection of the body he now inhabited staring back at him still in disbelief of what he saw.

He had always dreamt of becoming a woman but he didn’t just want to look like a woman he wanted to be one inside and out so even though he dressed and try to act like a woman he never got rid of his mail equipment.

So when he woke up this morning to find himself in the body of a beautiful young woman only wearing pink polka dot underwear he thought he must have died and gone to heaven.

So it took him a few minutes to pull himself together and climb out of bed on shaking legs and go looking for a mirror so he could have a better look at his new body.

Not knowing how this had happened or how long it would last he wanted to experience as much as possible and wasted no time in feeling up his new body in front of the mirror enjoying the feeling of everything that was new and strange to him.

Finally knowing what it felt like to have a real pair of tits hanging from his chest and what a woman felt when she stuck her fingers between her legs which made him truly happy for the first time in his life and hoping this was forever.


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