Looks Like We’re Screwed

As Ted (right) looked at his buddy Lee (left), he said, “Oh, uh… uh… looks like we… uh… are… screwed!”

Ted and Lee had made a wish together to the one wish genie after they both found the bottle. They wished for a two chicks who would have sex whenever they wanted, not knowing that the genie could not bend others to his will, nor create people out of thin air. So the genie did the next best thing, since they wished it, they could be the two chicks, and as these chicks they were in control of when they would have sex. So essentially they were the two chicks that they could have sex whenever they wanted, making the wish possible!

It didn’t take Ted and Lee much time before they realized what had happened, suddenly having long hair, dangling boobs, and being pounded by two well hung studs in their new vaginas, as they heard their new high voices when they tried to speak. They knew they were screwed in more ways than one! Now Tina and Lena would have to deal with the outcome of their wish, and the out-CUM of their new studs!


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