Figuratively and Literally

“Oh yeah, keep it going babe, like that!” Moaned Rick still half asleep while his wife Jessica groped him. He didn’t even notice what was feeling so good, dizzy as he was. He turned around to hug her and kiss her, but something was in the way between them.

“Honey, why do I have tits?” He asked not even too much surprised. When your wife is a witch, you stop being shocked at anything. Still, that was quite unusual since she morphed him only once in ten years of marriage.

“Well, today is my birthday and I tought it may be a fun way to spend it as college girls! Trust me, it will be fun! Shopping, flirting, going clubbing! It’ll be a blast!” She said before giving him a french kiss. “What do you say?”

“Well, it’s never been on my wishlist, even if it’s your birthday I don’t know if I can handle it…” He answered still laying in front of her. How could he face other people in that kind of body? If it was only Jessica maybe, but he couldn’t handle being a girl in public.

“Honey you know I could change your mentality to ease it… But you probably won’t need that, since I have a better way to persuade you…” She said before she started stimulang his husband’s new clitoris.

At that moment pleasure waved through Rick’s new body, and he knew he was gonna be screwed very soon, both figuratively and very literally.


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