Femme Island

Professor Jack Dolson was an anthropologist who heard stories of an island in the Pacific that was filled with magic. Eager to conduct research he booked passage to the remote island. There he saw a village filled with men just casually walking around naked. He was curious about this and why he didn’t see any women. He went to the village and spoke with the village leader. He explained the village’s myth’s and lessons including the legend of the village maiden. The professor intrigued by this story asked how the legend works. The villagers grabbed him, stripped him naked, and forced his mouth open. The village elder pulled out his cock and placed it into the professors mouth. They forced him to suck it until the elder came in his mouth. As soon as the professor swallowed he felt different. He looked down and found he was changed into a woman. Now the village holds a contest to satisfy the new “Marie”. Whoever ws gets to impregnate her and bring about the next generation.


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