F is for… Fuck

The teacher’s pointer hovered over the next letter in the sequence.
“F is for…”
“Fuck”, replied the enthusiastic student.
The teacher gave a glare towards her student, “Now Miss Byrd, I think you fail to understand what this activity entails,” directed the teacher.
“Now C is for Miss Byrd…”
“Cumshot,” chirped the student with an eager response.
“Miss Byrd what kind of game are you playing here, I can tell you now that if you are trying to be funny it’s not working my dear and it’s time to revert to the original task. And that eager task is of course naming parts of the female anatomy to help you learn about your new changes. Do you understand Miss Byrd?” Quizzed the teacher.
“Understand as clear as mud.”

Our eager student, Miss Byrd believe it or not was once, Mr Byrd. However, after he contracted the catastrophic TG flu. His age regressed and he became an attractive brunette girl in her later teens. Due to so many men and women having adjust to bodies after having been sick with the TG flu, the government invested in a school that would teach them the ways of their new body.

“We’ll try again shall we Miss Byrd? Now, F is for….” probed the teacher, becoming frustrated by her student’s behaviour.
“Fuck,” smiled Miss Byrd.

Miss Byrd wasn’t deliberately misbehaving it was just her new mind-set that came with the body. Since the change Miss Byrd often felt aroused and couldn’t stop thinking about sex. She can’t wait to to get out of this school and find a man to, what’s that word again? Fuck.


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