Extreme measures

Peter couldn’t believe this was really happening to him. He felt ridiculous standing barefoot in his sister Katie’s college dorm with her panties hugging his smooth flat crotch…no, HER crotch, he corrected himself. He refused to accept this body and these panties and her stupid hair in any way as his own. “Katie, you can’t be serious,” he protested into his IPhone, pouting indignantly as his sister doubled over laughing in his former body on the FaceTime app. “What am I supposed to do now, order a pizza and take some Midol for the night?”

Katie stilled her laughter and wiped away tears of mirth while mouthing a cigarette. “What else do you expect, Petey boy? Really, this is not my fault at all—you’re the one who foolishly wished to get into my roommate Valerie’s panties. Little did you know that I’d soiled my panties due to my period and ended up borrowing one of Valerie’s bottoms to tide me over…but then I suddenly found myself in your room and holding your dick. I’ve literally got you by the balls now, mister,” she said, smirking in his body.

“Don’t you think that this is a bit extreme?” Peter asked plaintively.

Katie kept sucking on her cigarette and waved her hand dismissively. “Just wait ’til your boyfriend gets back from soccer practice, Petey,” she said, ending the FaceTime call.

“Boyfriend?!” Peter exclaimed.


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