Expansion Packs

Tim was near the fairy of beauty and femininity, when she asked him if he had a wish. He said he wished he had the expansion packs for his game playing. The fairy not dealing in those things, and not even sure what he meant, did what she does best, something involving beauty and femininity, and changed Tim into a busty beautiful curvy blonde!

Tim cupped his boobs as they expanded tremendously, with the fairy saying, “There are your expansions. Have a lovely life sweetie.”

The fairy left Tim with huge expansions on a beautiful body, dumbfounded at what just happened, and definitely noticing the huge new weights on his chest. He thought maybe he should have worded his wish more carefully, but then as he stood their feeling nice, he realized maybe these expansions on this body were way better than on some game! He was also now thinking of playing other games, sex games with hot cute guys!

As he walked quickly back to his car noticing his boobs and hips swaying all the way and hoping no one would see him like this as the fairy left him naked. When Tim drove home, he realized he needed new name, maybe Tiffany, or even Tiffany Tremendous for his tremendous breasts. Then he needed to order something sexy to wear, go to a bar, and get some hunks to play with, and they could play with his new expansions!


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