Estate agent

Johnny quickly hurried to put the two huge black breasts that hung atop his chest back into the confines of his dress. He didn’t want to keep the viewer waiting any longer he already looked all sweaty and disheveled from his masturbation session. It wasn’t a good start for Johnny. Johnny was an estate agent and a very special one at that. You see Johnny had been struggling through life as a poor estate agent, very rarely selling a house. That was until one night when browsing the internet when he found a possession spell. This spell allowed him to possess another person’s body indefinitely for as long as he wanted until he read the reverse spell. He used this spell to possess sexy women and he would show his male viewers around as them. It enticed the viewers to come back multiple times to “view the house” or his goods and you would be surprised what some men are willing to do for some action.
Today Johnny has a new viewer and therefore a new body, he’d found Felicity in the mall so he quickly jumped into her body, bought a new sexy dress and headed here. It’s safe to say that today’s viewer is a sucker for big black breasts since he returns three times and ultimately ends up buying the house.


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