Don’t talk with strangers

“Mom, can we go back to the hotel room? I don’t feel like going out like this” Stan groaned. “There is nothing to be ashamed of, girls wear it all the time” Hannah said to cheer up her son. “But i’m not a girl. Besides all the guys are staring at me with lust” Stan said. “Listen Stan. First, you are a girl now. Second, you brought this on yourself. How many times i told you not to listen to strangers? It’s not my fault, so please stop complaining and let us enjoy our vacation. It’s been 12 years since i had some” Hannah said. “Fine” Stan lowered his head in shame.

He should have listen to his mother. If he did so he would still be a normal 12 years old boy. He got curious by the magic tricks a weird looking guy was doing on the streets. Nobody seemed to bother about him but Stan came closer to look. The man asked him if he want’s to see some real magic. Stan agreed and the man grabbed his arms. He said to close his eyes and started to chant some strange words. In a mere second Stan transformed from a boy to a 26 years old woman. After that the man dissapered in a pile of smoke, laughing evilly. Stan could only scream from the shock.
Luckily his mother saw the transformation, otherwise she wouldn’t belive it if a woman came up to her claiming to be her son. Despite the accident Hannah didn’t want to quit her vacations. She bought a few sets of clothes and underwear and then started to teach Stan some basics of being a woman. Stan complained a lot but his mom ignored it. She wanted to enjoy her time and nothing could ruin it. She promised Stan to look for a solution after they come back home but she had a bad feeling this would be impossible and both will have to accept the idea that Stan is a grown up woman.


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