Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.

I had found the Medallion of Zulo, and my wife was gone for the night; she was off to visit her Mom, and I also had work this week. She said, “Just don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.”

Earlier this week, we had found it. We used it to change into younger versions of ourselves, fuck like teenagers. That was fun but now it was time to change a little differently; this time, I would take her place in the house; now, this house would be manless on my single day off.

I raided her side of the closet, her stocking drawer, her panties, her dresses, and found some nice long boots– those, I loved watching her wear sexily. I readied myself for the change of a lifetime. Then, I touched it to the dress. The changes started working. Blond hair spotted down my shoulders; I moved to the mirror to watch this erotic sight. “Uhhh,” I grunted as I felt my facial structure start to rearrange itself. I stared as I saw my wife’s face become a reality on my body. “Ohhh,” I commented as my voice changed into her light sexy angelic song. The changes started racing across my torso; MY breasts inflated with a starting gun of lust; my arms slimmed towards hers; my hands now soft and delicate traced my muscles that slimmed to her tight tummy, my tight tummy. The hips were a little different; they expanded and cracked light fireworks; my butt plumped into what I’ve been focused on for years, and the changes continued racing through me. The crotch was magical, pure sexy feminine magic; it sucked my penis right into me; I had her tight beautiful vagina, and I let my fingers join my pussy with a, “Ohhhhh!” I was filling with erotic energy at this point, but I couldn’t take my eyes off the mirror that was perched in-front of the bed. My legs stretched and shed; the hair was all gone, and my feet turned into her small sexy petite packages. I looked up, and needed her glasses.

As I got dressed in the clothing I picked out, I reached over to her bedside table grabbing her glasses and my phone; I took a picture and sent it to her. “I can’t wait for you to get home. That change was the best thing I’ve ever felt in my life. Btw how do I look?”

“Wow! I look good! Just don’t do anything I wouldn’t do ;). Btw there’s a vibrator in my dresser.” She replied. With that, my mind and body raced across the room; never to do, what she wouldn’t do, but I was her now. I guess I’ll have to make some rules.


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