Complicated Mattress

Johnny wasn’t sure his mother would approve of his behaviour in this very moment. Then again it is a fact, that Johnny’s original behaviour not pleasing his mother was the reason he could have ended up misbehaving this way in the first place. Although it is truly hard sometimes to define where action and reaction differs, and Johnny’s case is no exception.
Maybe if Johnny’s mother had been more thoughtful about her powers, or at least had a tidy enough mind to keep her pocket dimensions in order, she would not have ended up in a mentally near-unconcious gay man’s mind.
Maybe if she had been more private about her affairs and not invited her old gay schoolmate over every time her son was out of the way to wipe the man’s mind and have mindlowing sex with him before giving it back to the poor bastard, he would not be wondering on an eternally ascending staircase in a forest in Johnny’s body which while Johnny recognises as one of his mother’s creations he would certainly not.
Maybe if she had been trying harder to be a better parent it wouldn’t even have occured to Johnny to be cheeky about her businesses or to use the discarded malfunctioning magical medallion he found behind a passive-agressive tree in the pocket dimension.
But wherever the fault lies, the present state of beings are:
Terry is wondering in a small, and concerningly well separated pocket forest-staircase universe somewhere far away from ours, as much as ‘far away’ has any meaning applied to universes.
Johnny’s mother thinks he likes sensations very much.
And Johnny is, as weird as it feels to him, is enjoying herself beyond explanation.
What will happen now, nobody could really know. These are, after all, very complicated matters.


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