Disgusted with himself!

Matthew another man stuck in a woman’s body thanks to the great shift never expected this when he turned up for the interview.

He felt disgusted with himself for doing what the manager asked him to do.

He had never been requested to take off his clothes before but he was desperate for the work so he did what he was told to do.

He stripped of all his clothes and stood there naked just like the manager told.

He stood there letting him examine every inch of his body.

But when the manager told him he would have to give him a blowjob if he wanted the job that’s where he drew the line and gathered up his clothes and stormed out of his office naked to the surprise of the rest of the candidates.

He got changed in the ladies room feeling disgusted and angry with himself for letting that sexist pig treat him in such a way and headed home to let his wife know he did not get the job.


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