Meeting the First Club Member

“So how was South America?”

“It was incredible,” yaawwwn “but I’ve never been so tired in my life.”

“Lots of hiking?”

“Well…sorta. We did a lot in the first two days, but after that…the resort just seemed so comfy.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean. When Tom transformed you, you just felt so horny, right?”

“Oh gawddd yes. It was so amazing feeling so sexy, I just–WAIT! How did you–“

“How did I know you weren’t always a busty blonde? I guess it’s one of the side effects of the curse. If you’ve been transformed too, then you aren’t affect by the reality shift when other people are cursed. I still see you as a small, pale, white girl.

“Huh. Good to know, I guess. At least now, I’ll know if Tom ever transforms the next door neighbor….So you still see your change as a curse?”

“Well your change was voluntary. Mine was not. I lost 6 inches of height, my hair grew longer, and I freaking changed genders! And nobody else thought so either! So yeah, it was hell when Tom changed me. Plus, I knew I was still me inside, but I also knew I was different. My subconscious felt different in my new body. The weirdest part was being attracted to guys. I never thought of dicks as attractive before, but all of a sudden, I started to feel…tingly when I would see a guy’s erection through his shorts. I never thought I’d want to lick a penis, but then blowjob porn was what began to turn me on the most.”

“So how did you adjust?”

“At first, I didn’t. I guess when I first transformed, I became the female equivalent of my male version. So that meant, I was still pretty average looking. I still wore glasses, and I was still out of shape. I didn’t like makeup or anything like that either. I tried going about my life as much as I could. I was still in college then. But sometimes I just felt soo horny as a girl. And touching myself only made me feel more sensitive. Don’t even get me started on periods.”

“Haha yeah I guess that would be new for you.”

“Girl, you have no idea….Anyway, I tried going to the gym to workout. Plus, I realized that guys who cared about fitness turned me on the most. But, I couldn’t get into good enough shape. Dieting was hard too.”

“But you look so hot now!”

“Yeah, so I finally broke down and called up Tom. I asked him to make me attractive to the guys at the gym. And then, before I even hung up, I felt insane. BAM! IT WAS SOOO GOOD. I went up a few cup sizes, and my hips gave me great curves. I felt so sexy, so alive. I loved my skin, I loved my body, I loved my ass! I never thought I could love my butt so much!”

“Mmm. Yeah, Tom said when I changed, I spaced out and started groping myself for a bit.”

“I did the same! It just felt so good to know I was so irresistible! Luckily, my wardrobe changed to fit my new style too.”

“How did the guys at the gym respond?”

“Girl, c’mon! I was a sporty, busty, asian girl. They were all over me! And I them! For the next three weeks, I got the same workout you probably had at your resort. Sex with multiple orgasms felt so good. Having my clit and my nipples turn me on was better than cocaine.”

“Ohhh. I’m getting a little turned on.”

“Don’t worry Tom will be here soon. So anyway, that was 2 years ago. Since then, I’ve never loved my life more. I love being a girl. I love making men drool just by bending down at the gym. And let me tell you something. Feeling sexy all the time–that never gets old.”

“Girl, you don’t have to tell me that twice. But hold on, you said Tom can change people over long distance?”


“No reason, I just have a few ideas…”


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