Discovering new feelings

Matt and Dan were good friends working at the same company. It was suposed to be another normal day for the two 30 year’s old men and nothing indicated it would be different, but then out of a sudden the great shift struck. Matt found himself in the body of a teenage boy named Damian. It was wierd to be a teenager again but it was nothing compared to what happened to Dan, who was now a teenage girl named Sally. They found out that Sally and Damian were boyfriend and girlfriend before the great shift but they didn’t feel like they could continue their relationship. They remained friends, however their behavior towards eachother had changed. Matt treated Dan like a girl, he didn’t make fun of him or punched his arm just like he did when they were guys. Overtime their feelings had changed. None of them admited it openly but they were falling with love. They were hiding their feelings until one day.

It was 5 months after the great shift when Sally invited Damian to her place. They sat next to eachother on her bed and remain silent. Then Sally started to talk. She confessed her feelings and how she can’t hide them anymore. Damian was relieved he wasn’t the only one but he was not ready, he still had in mind that Sally was his friend Dan. He tried to explain but then Sally shut his mouth with a kiss. Damian was surprised but he didn’t break up the kiss. Sally then got up and sat on the floor. She rolled up her shirt, showing off her breasts. Damian asked her to stop when she unzipped her jeans and lowered them a bit. “Let’s stop pretending, we both know we want this” Sally pleaded. Damian was getting aroused by her body. He got closer to her and embraced her waist “I love you Sally”

After everything was done they cuddled in bed. Sally was resting her head on Damian’s chest while he was stroking her hair. They were glad they have confessed their feelings. Sally felt wonderfulli in Damian’s embrace and Damian loved the touch and the smell of her petite body.


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