Oh my God! Jack is that really you?

Yup in the flesh, so to speak. haha.

But… but you look so different… How?

Duh, magic obviously, and you said I was a sucker for buying that spellbook.

I know I know and I still wouldn’t believe it if I wasn’t looking at it. I mean look at you this morning you were a three hundred pound linebacker and now your a cute little piece of ass….

Thanks I’m pretty pleased with how I came out, these sweet titties and this tight little butt.

Oh hell yes, I’d fuck you that’s for sure.

I was hoping you’d say that because this new body has got me horny as hell. What do you say…*pop*

What the hell! Is, that a dick?

*Ahem* Well yeah, I guess I didn’t quite get every last detail down but to be fair it was my first attempt. Why don’t I take an other try at it and we can have some fun.

Um, actually I’m good to go…

Really, you, you don’t mind the little bit extra?

What can I say, I’ve always had a fantasy about playing with my own sissy fucktoy. Now get on your knees and show me what a good gurl you can be.


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