“Cut it out! I won´t allow you to eat junk food in my body!”, Karen yelled and stomped her chubby feet on the floor.

“Tough luck sis. It´s my body now and I felt for eating cookies. Mmm, they are delicious!”

In an act of quick thinking (or desperation) Karen snatched the cookies from her brothers hand and began to voraciously down them one by one. At first she just wanted to get them out of the way but she soon began to enjoy them.

Owen watched his sister in his own body practically inhale the chocolate chip cookies. “Ew sis. Get a hold of yourself”, as he frowned at her behaviour. He kinda realized something there, that his body in fact was fat and not just big bones, and that his body craved sugar.
He kinda felt sorry for his sister, and himself for that matter. His sister had called him names about his weight and he had called her a stuck up bitch. Unfortunately their parents had heard their conversation.
One magic item later and the stunned siblings was looking on their bodies from a new perspective.
Their parents had scolded them and added that they needed to walk in each others shoes for a while.

One week later the siblings was returned to their real bodies, both of them grateful for their new experiences. Owen had been nice to his sister for a change and Karen actually had managed to go cold turkey on all the unhealthy stuff and endured the sugar withdrawal for him.
Both of them got along better nowdays.


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