Customer to Performer

Ted went from customer to performer, after mistreated too many girls at the strip club. They told their boss Wendy, and she took care of it one night. As Ted slapped Veronica’s ass and called her slut, his body changed that instant, the large manly hand on her ass was now small, soft, and feminine, with long French manicured nails at the fingertips!

Ted looked up his arm seeing it was soft and slender, and soon found he had bountiful breasts, much like the strippers! His face felt different, and coated, and his hair was longer, soft and silky around his face. He had on a see-thru teddy, and black thigh highs with four inch black patent heels, along with a slinky black necklace over his hair free chest!

Ted screamed grabbing at his own throat, hearing a female scream. A couple bouncers took him onto the back room where he was sat down, and Wendy explained.

“You have mistreated our dancers for ages, now it’s time you see what it’s like to be one of them! This will teach you a lesson, and I see my spell did wonders on you! I think I will name you Tatiana Tremendous, since you will be a tremendous sensation at my club, the Wet Kitty. If you refuse, I will turn you into a frog, so you better do as I say. You made your bed, now lay in it, Tatiana,” said Wendy smiling.

“But.. but…,” said Tatiana.

“NO BUTS, but you do have a nice butt,” said Wendy, as the bouncers escorted her to stage for her first performance, wasting no time getting her broken in as a dancer.

There Tatiana stood on the very stage she looked at all those times from below, now she was on it as a dance, a woman! My how the tables had turned. To make matters worse, her old friends were still there, now whistling and catcalling her, not even knowing it was their buddy Ted turned dancer woman. Then a really obnoxious guy showed up, calling Tatiana a whore, and telling her to show her boobs more as a whore should. He then grabbed her ass as she approached him, squeezing tightly before letting go, and pushing her back on stage.

There was nothing she could do anyway, she was weaker and smaller than most of these men now, and her boss would make her a frog if she stepped out of line, not to mention the bouncers were huge well hung men. Wait why did she think they were well hung? She realized at that moment she might have even bigger problems than suddenly being a female stripper.


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